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The hardware: 24M-8CH logic analyser


    That is a mystery, because the device itself does not have a brand name or type number and the suppliers are also mysterious about the origin

    Internet sources claim that this device is a one-to-one clone of Saleae's much more expensive logic analyser 'LOGIC8'. That might be true, because the intention is that you download the Saleae software to get the analyser up and running. The device also seems to be compatible to the 'AX PRO' from USBee.

    What is delivered

    At Banggood, where we bought this analyser, you not only get the device itself, but also a USB-A to mini-USB cable of 80 cm and eight connecting wires 1 mm female to 1 mm female. This allows you to extend the eight inputs of the analyser, which are in a ten-pole mini-connector.

    But in fact, these wires are of no use at all, because first of all you need nine cables, the GND is also necessary, and secondly you cannot connect the analyser to anything with these cables.

    The device is delivered with no manual or reference to a site where you can download the manual and necessary software

    The supplied components of this logic analyser. (© 2019 Jos Verstraten)
    Extra ordering
    It is wise to order a set of twelve 'test clamps for logic analyser'. Such a set costs just under five euros. These 26 cm test leads can be inserted into the ten-pole connector of the analyser on one side and clamped around a pin of an IC or a wire of an axial component on the other side.

    With these handy test leads you can connect the logic analyser to your circuit.

    (© 2019 Jos Verstraten)
    The picture below shows how to insert the female 1 mm connectors of these leads into the contacts of the ten-pole male connector of the logic analyser, making the analyser ready for use.
    We have numbered the miniature crocodile clips of the leads, so it is easy to find out with which input of the analyser they are connected.

    The 24M-8CH logic analyser

    In the picture below we have presented the analyser a bit larger, with the dimensions of the device. But there is a second reason why we publish this picture so large.
    In the one we bought, pins 5 and 10 of the ten-pole connector are connected to ground. A careful examination of the photos of all suppliers shows that there are also specimens for sale where you can connect an external clock signal to pin 5.
    However, this is not necessary because the software gives all possibilities to sync on the inputs. Moreover, there are specimens where the channels are numbered from CH1 to CH8, but also specimens where the numbering runs from CH0 to CH7.
    Under the semi-transparent label are two red LEDs. The top LED lights up when you power the device from 5 V via the USB cable. The bottom LED shows the logic level at CH1 or CH0. This LED will only light up if the logic level at this input is 'H'.